Unmask threats

Telex is a multi-tool for security operators conducting attribution on threat actors. The Telex platform provides investigators with technical evidence on a target while keeping the operators safe and secure.

Pricing and plans


Targeted Fingerprinting

Telex produces a rich collection of technical application, network, and device intelligence. These signals can be combined to create a unique, pseudo-persistent identifier.

Human Intelligence Ops

When used in a direct engagement with a known threat actor, the data Telex produces can help investigators make a breakthrough in attribution.

Simple Web Honeypots

Deception operations have never been easier. Integrate Telex on a page with a single line of code, and turn any webpage into a simple honeypot.


Telex can be deployed to alert victims of online stalking and harassment to detect threats at the perimeter of their online footprint.

Telex Flow

A privacy-centric approach

Telex is less intrusive than the typical adtech trackers all over the web. Customers are given tools to limit data collection, reduce collateral collection, and edit the data retention of their Telex collector.


Simple Integration

Configuring a Telex hyperlink is push-button easy. Direct integrations with Telex can be added to your webpage with one line of code.

Human-centric reporting

We take the technical signals produced by Telex and generate a report that won’t put managers to sleep.

Copilot Support

Backchannel offers all Telex customers close support on deployment and usage.


Telex is delivered in the form of a user panel. Depending on your campaign, it can be packaged as a single URL hyperlink or can be integrated into your webpage with a single line of code.

Contact us for on-premise deployments and self-hosted infrastructure.
per target
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Live Alerting
  • Human readable post-op report
  • Copilot Support
per target
  • Configure inventory for additional targets
  • Analytics warehouse
  • Full data export
  • Everything in Investigator tier
$5000/month unlimited targets
  • Unlimited inventory for unlimited targets
  • Automated traffic comparison analysis between targets
  • Priority Support
  • Everything in Professional and Investigator tiers